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Proposition 8

CommitteePositionCash on Hand as of Last ReportContributions Since Last ReportCommittee Total
Californians For Progress (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$320,870
Equality California Issues Pac (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$1,203,012
Human Rights Campaign California Marriage Pac - No On Prop 8 (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$356,903
Marriage Equality Usa Issues Committee (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$59,876
No On 8, Equality For All (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$4,249,250
No On 8, National Center For Lesbian Rights Social Justice Fund (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$520,250
No On Proposition 8, Campaign For Marriage Equality, A Project Of The American Civil Liberties Union Of Northern California (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$0
Task Force California Committee - Sponsored By The National Gay And Lesbian Task Force Foundation/action Fund (Oppose)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$200
National Organization For Marriage California - Yes On 8, Sponsored By National Organization For Marriage (Support)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$1,135,772
Protectmarriage.com - Yes On 8 (Support)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$16,380,010
Voteyesmarriage.com California Marriage Amendment (Support)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$24,230
Yes On Proposition 8, Sponsored By Capitol Resource Family Impact (Support)$0 (2017-12-31)$0$48,186