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Committees Currently Included in the ElectionTrack Database features the most watched races and all qualified statewide ballot measures.
If you'd like to see another committee added, e-mail Scott.
Bosetti For Assembly 2012AD01 
Chesbro For SenateAD01 
Chesbro For Senate 2002AD01 
Chesbro, Friends Of WesleyAD01 
Dahle For Assembly 2014, BrianAD01 
Dahle For Assembly 2016; BrianAD01 
Dahle For Assembly 2018; BrianAD01 
Chesbro For Assembly 2012, WesAD02 
Larrabee For Assembly, JasonAD02 
Lowry Assembly 2014, JohnAD02 
Nielsen - Assembly 2008, Taxpayers For JimAD02 
Schaupp For Assembly, CharlesAD02 
Wakim, Taxpayers For SamAD02 
Wood For Assembly 2014, JimAD02 
Wood For Assembly 2016; JimAD02 
Wood For Assembly 2018; JimAD02 
Gallagher For Assembly 2014AD03 
Gallagher For Assembly 2016AD03 
Gallagher For Assembly 2018AD03 
Horne For Assembly, SueAD03 
Logue For Assembly 2012, Friends Of DanAD03 
Logue, Elect DanAD03 
Logue, Friends Of DanAD03 
Reed For Assembly 2014, JimAD03 
Schohr For Assembly 2014, RyanAD03 
Aguiar-curry For Assembly 2018; CeciliaAD04 
Allard For Assembly 2011AD04 
Allard For Assembly 2012AD04 
Bly-chester For Assembly 2011, CherylAD04 
Dodd For Assembly 2014, BillAD04 
Gaines For AssemblyAD04 
Gaines For Assembly 2008AD04 
Kropp For Assembly 2018AD04 
Krovoza For Assembly 2014, JoeAD04 
Munn For Assembly 2012AD04 
Wolk For Assembly 2016; DanAD04 
Wolk For State Assembly 2014, DanAD04 
Yamada For Assembly 2012AD04 
Bigelow For Assembly 2012, Friends Of FrankAD05 
Bigelow For Assembly 2014, Friends Of FrankAD05 
Bigelow For Assembly 2016; Friends Of FrankAD05 
Bigelow For Assembly 2018; Friends Of FrankAD05 
Neal For Assembly 2018; Carla JAD05 
Niello For Assembly 2006, Taxpayers For RogerAD05 
Niello For Assembly 2008, Taxpayers For RogerAD05 
Niello For Assembly, Taxpayers For RogerAD05 
Niello For Senate 2012, Taxpayers For RogerAD05 
Oller For Assembly 2012, Friends Of RicoAD05 
Gaines For Assembly 2011, BethAD06 
Gaines For Assembly 2012, BethAD06 
Gaines For Assembly 2014, BethAD06 
Halldin For Assembly 2016; Friends Of BillAD06 
Huffman For AssemblyAD06 
Huffman For Assembly 2008AD06 
Kiley For Assembly 2016AD06 
Kiley For Assembly 2018AD06 
Nelson For Assembly 2016; CristiAD06 
Pugno For Assembly 2012, AndyAD06 
Sigg For Assembly 2016; ClayAD06 
Smith For Assembly 2018; JackieAD06 
Cohn For Assembly 2014, Friends Of SteveAD07 
Dickinson Assembly 2012, RogerAD07 
Gentry Team, DorisAD07 
Johannessen For Assembly 2014, MarkAD07 
Mc Carty For Assembly 2014AD07 
Mc Carty For Assembly 2016AD07 
Mc Carty For Assembly 2018AD07 
Bloise For Assembly 2018; NickAD08 
Cabaldon 2008AD08 
Cabaldon For State Assembly, ChristopherAD08 
Cooley For Assembly 2012, KenAD08 
Cooley For Assembly 2014, Re-elect KenAD08 
Cooley For Assembly 2016; Re-elect KenAD08 
Cooley For Assembly 2018; Re-elect KenAD08 
Tateishi For Assembly 2012AD08 
Yamada 2008, Friends OfAD08 
Amador For Assembly 2012AD09 
Cooper For Assembly 2014, JimAD09 
Cooper For Assembly 2016; JimAD09 
Cooper For Assembly 2018; JimAD09 
Dickinson For Assembly, RogerAD09 
Fong For Assembly 2014, DarrellAD09 
Hammond For AssemblyAD09 
He Assembly 2018; Citizens For HarryAD09 
Pan For Assembly 2012, Dr. RichardAD09 
Rodriguez For Assembly 2014, DianaAD09 
Scherman For Assembly 2012AD09 
Allen For Assembly 2012AD10 
Carlstrom For Assembly 2014, ErinAD10 
Cook To The 10th Assembly District 2008, Committee To Elect Colonel Jim CookAD10 
Cook To The 10th Assembly District, Committee To Elect JimAD10 
Easton-brown Assembly 2012, AlexAD10 
Hegyi, Friends Of PaulAD10 
Huber For AssemblyAD10 
Huber, Taxpayers Against The Recall Of AlysonAD10 
Levine Assembly 2014, Friends Of MarcAD10 
Levine For Assembly 2012AD10 
Levine For Assembly 2016; Friends Of MarcAD10 
Levine For Assembly 2018; Friends Of MarcAD10 
Sander For City Council 2016, Friends Of DavidAD10 
Sander, Taxpayers For DavidAD10 
Sieglock For AssemblyAD10 
Augustine For Assembly 2012, Friends Of LenAD11 
Frazier For Assembly 2012, JimAD11 
Frazier For Assembly 2014, JimAD11 
Frazier For Assembly 2016; JimAD11 
Frazier For Assembly 2018; JimAD11 
Gantt For Assembly 2012, GeneAD11 
Hernandez For State Assembly 2012, PatriciaAD11 
Hudson 2012 - California 11th Assembly District, MikeAD11 
Invest In CaliforniaAD11 
Ogunleye To The 11th District California State Assembly, Committee To Elect Emmanuel GbengaAD11 
Torlakson 2008, Friends Of TomAD11 
Torlakson Assembly 2008 Officeholder Account, TomAD11 
Torlakson For SenateAD11 
Torlakson Officeholder Account, Senator TomAD11 
Torlakson, Friends Of TomAD11 
Flora For Assembly 2016; HeathAD12 
Flora For Assembly 2018; HeathAD12 
Grewal For Assembly 2016; HarinderAD12 
Ma For Assembly, FionaAD12 
Ma, California Rising Ballot Measure Committee - FionaAD12 
Ma, Re-elect FionaAD12 
Madueno For Assembly 2016; Committee To Elect VirginiaAD12 
Marks For Assembly - 2016; CindyAD12 
Olsen For Assembly 2012AD12 
Olsen For Assembly 2014AD12 
Vogel For Assembly 2016, KenAD12 
Zoslocki For Assembly 2016AD12 
Ammiano For Assembly, TomAD13 
Eggman For Assembly 2012AD13 
Eggman For Assembly 2014AD13 
Eggman For Assembly 2016AD13 
Eggman For Assembly 2018AD13 
Paderes For Assembly 2012AD13 
Bonilla For Assembly 2012, Committee To Elect SusanAD14 
Bonilla For Assembly 2014, SusanAD14 
Grayson For Assembly 2018; TimAD14 
Grayson For State Assembly 2016; TimAD14 
Malhi For Assembly 2016AD14 
Skinner For Assembly, NancyAD14 
Thurmond For Assembly, TonyAD14 
Appel For Assembly 2018; Neighbors For JudyAD15 
Bartlett For Assembly 2018; BenAD15 
Beckles For Assembly 2018, JovankaAD15 
Buchanan, Friends Of JoanAD15 
Coleman, Californians ForAD15 
Echols For Assembly 2014, ElizabethAD15 
Filson For State Assembly 2008, SteveAD15 
Kalb For State Assembly 2018; DanAD15 
Kamena For Assembly 08AD15 
Kang For Assembly 2014, SamAD15 
Katz For Assembly 2014, AndyAD15 
Katz For Assembly 2018; AndyAD15 
Klaske For AssemblyAD15 
Lloyd For State Assembly, JudyAD15 
Pardue-okimoto For Assembly 2018; RochelleAD15 
Rao For Assembly, RobertAD15 
Skinner For Assembly 2012AD15 
Thomas, Elect SteveAD15 
Thurmond For Assembly 2014, TonyAD15 
Thurmond For Assembly 2016; TonyAD15 
Wicks For Assembly 2018; BuffyAD15 
Wilson, Friends For AbramAD15 
Arnerich For Assembly 2014AD16 
Baker For Assembly 2014, CatharineAD16 
Baker For Assembly 2016; CatharineAD16 
Baker For Assembly 2018; CatharineAD16 
Bauer-kahan For Assembly 2018; RebeccaAD16 
Buchanan For Assembly 2012AD16 
Cook-kallio For Assembly 2016AD16 
Glazer For Assembly 2014AD16 
Sbranti For Assembly 2014, TimAD16 
Swanson For Assembly 2008AD16 
Tarantino For Assembly 2018; TomAD16 
Ammiano For Assembly 2012, TomAD17 
Campos For Assembly 2014, DavidAD17 
Chiu For Assembly 2014, DavidAD17 
Chiu For Assembly 2016; DavidAD17 
Chiu For Assembly 2018; DavidAD17 
Galgiani For Assembly 2008, CathleenAD17 
Galgiani For Assembly, CathleenAD17 
Mobley For Assembly, JackAD17 
Bonta For Assembly 2014, RobAD18 
Bonta For Assembly 2016; RobAD18 
Bonta For Assembly 2018; RobAD18 
Bonta For State Assembly 2012, RobAD18 
Guillen For Assembly 2012, AbelAD18 
Hayashi Democrat For Assembly 2008, MaryAD18 
Young For Assembly 2012AD18 
Breyer For Assembly 2012AD19 
Friends Of GinaAD19 
Hill For State Assembly, JerryAD19 
Holober, Friends Of RichardAD19 
Papan, Friends Of GinaAD19 
Ting For Assembly 2012, PhilAD19 
Ting For Assembly 2014, PhilAD19 
Ting For Assembly 2016; PhilAD19 
Ting For Assembly 2018; PhilAD19 
Figueroa For Lieutenant Governor, LizAD20 
Figueroa For Senate 2002AD20 
Figueroa, Friends Of LizAD20 
Green For State Assembly 2012, MarkAD20 
Ong, O.d. For Assembly 2012, Dr. JenniferAD20 
Quirk For Assembly 2012, BillAD20 
Quirk For Assembly 2014, BillAD20 
Quirk For Assembly 2016; BillAD20 
Quirk For Assembly 2018; BillAD20 
Gray For Assembly 2012, AdamAD21 
Gray For Assembly 2014AD21 
Gray For Assembly 2016AD21 
Gray For Assembly 2018AD21 
Mobley For Assembly 2012, JackAD21 
Rasmussen For 21st Assembly District 2012, LesaAD21 
Ruskin 2008 Assembly Officeholder Account, IraAD21 
Ruskin Democrat For Assembly, IraAD21 
Ruskin For Assembly 2008, IraAD21 
Ruskin For Senate 2012, IraAD21 
Ruskin, Friends Of IraAD21 
Caserta For Assembly, DominicAD22 
Diridon For AssemblyAD22 
Fong For Assembly 2008, PaulAD22 
Fowler For 22nd Ad, FredAD22 
Mullin For Assembly 2012, KevinAD22 
Mullin For Assembly 2014, KevinAD22 
Mullin For Assembly 2016; KevinAD22 
Mullin For Assembly 2018; KevinAD22 
Coto For AssemblyAD23 
Coto For Assembly 2006AD23 
Coto For Assembly 2008AD23 
Coto Latino Community Development Ballot Measure CommitteeAD23 
Patterson For Assembly 2012AD23 
Patterson For Assembly 2014AD23 
Patterson For Assembly 2018AD23 
Whalen For Assembly 2012, BobAD23 
Beall For Assembly 2006, JimAD24 
Beall For Assembly 2008, JimAD24 
Beall For Assembly, JimAD24 
Berman For Assembly 2016; MarcAD24 
Berman For Assembly 2018; MarcAD24 
Gordon For State Assembly 2012; RichAD24 
Gordon For State Assembly 2014, RichAD24 
Kasperzak For Assembly 2016AD24 
Brunton For State Assembly 2018; BobAD25 
Chu For State Assembly 2016; KansenAD25 
Chu For State Assembly 2018; KansenAD25 
Cox For Assembly 2014, TeresaAD25 
Gomez For Assembly 2014, ArmandoAD25 
Steckler For Assembly 2014, CraigAD25 
Wieckowski For Assembly 2012, BobAD25 
Barajas For Assembly 2014, Friends Of EstherAD26 
Berryhill For Assembly 2008, BillAD26 
Conway For Assembly 2012, ConnieAD26 
Eisenhut For Assembly 2008AD26 
Gubler For Assembly 2018AD26 
Mathis For Assembly 2016; DevonAD26 
Mathis For Assembly 2018; DevonAD26 
Mendoza For Assembly 2014AD26 
Campos For Assembly 2012, NoraAD27 
Campos For Assembly 2014, NoraAD27 
Coonerty, Friends Of RyanAD27 
Green For State Assembly 2016; DarcieAD27 
Kalra For California - Assembly 2016; AshAD27 
Kalra For California - Assembly 2018; AshAD27 
Monning Officeholder Account, BillAD27 
Monning, Friends Of BillAD27 
Nguyen For California State Assembly 2016, MadisonAD27 
Reilly For Assembly, EmilyAD27 
Ayala For Assembly 2012, LuisAD28 
Caballero For Assembly 2008, AnnaAD28 
Caballero For Assembly, AnnaAD28 
Chang For Assembly 2014, BarryAD28 
Fong For Assembly 2012, PaulAD28 
Low For Assembly 2014, EvanAD28 
Low For Assembly 2016; EvanAD28 
Low For Assembly 2018; EvanAD28 
Walsh For Assembly 2012, ChadAD28 
Stone 2012 For Assembly District 29, Friends Of MarkAD29 
Stone For Assembly 2014, Friends Of MarkAD29 
Stone For Assembly 2016; Friends Of MarkAD29 
Stone For Assembly 2018; Friends Of MarkAD29 
Alejo For Assembly 2012AD30 
Alejo For Assembly 2014AD30 
Cervantez Alejo For Assembly 2016; KarinaAD30 
Cervantez Alejo For Assembly 2018; KarinaAD30 
Florez For Assembly, FranAD30 
Gilmore For AssemblyAD30 
Gilmore For Assembly 2008AD30 
Leroe-munoz For Assembly 2016; PeterAD30 
Leroe-munoz For Assembly 2018; PeterAD30 
Lipe For Assembly 2018; BillAD30 
Rivas For Assembly 2018; RobertAD30 
Arambula For AssemblyAD31 
Arambula For Assembly 2006AD31 
Arambula For Assembly 2008AD31 
Arambula For Assembly 2016; Dr. JoaquinAD31 
Arambula For Assembly 2018; Dr. JoaquinAD31 
Olivier For Assembly 2016; ClintAD31 
Perea For Assembly 2012AD31 
Perea For Assembly 2014AD31 
Perea, Friends Of HenryAD31 
Agbalog For Assembly 2014, Families Support RomeoAD32 
Mc Quiston For 32nd Assembly 2012, JonAD32 
Rios For Assembly 2012, PedroAD32 
Salas For Assembly 2012, RudyAD32 
Salas For Assembly 2014, RudyAD32 
Salas For Assembly 2016; RudyAD32 
Salas For Assembly 2018; RudyAD32 
Ambrozic For Assembly 2014, MichelleAD33 
Bishop 2014 33rd Assembly, Committee To Elect ArtAD33 
Blakeslee 2008, Friends OfAD33 
Blakeslee Assembly 2008 Office Holder AccountAD33 
Blakeslee For Assembly - Exploratory, SamAD33 
Blakeslee For Assembly 2006AD33 
Blakeslee, Friends Of SamAD33 
Coffey For 33rd Assembly Seat 2014, JohnAD33 
Cuthbert 33 Ad 2008, RobertAD33 
Donnelly For Assembly 2012, TimAD33 
Jahn Assembly 2012, BillAD33 
Kokkonen For AssemblyAD33 
Markovich For Assembly 2016; Committee To Elect ScottAD33 
Markovich For Assembly 2018; Committee To Elect ScottAD33 
Obernolte For Assembly 2014, JayAD33 
Obernolte For Assembly 2016; JayAD33 
Obernolte For Assembly 2018; JayAD33 
Roelle For Assembly 2014, Friends Of RickAD33 
Savage For Assembly 2014AD33 
Fong For Assembly 2018; VinceAD34 
Grove For Assembly 2012, ShannonAD34 
Grove For Assembly 2014, ShannonAD34 
Smith For Assembly, BobAD34 
Achadjian For Assembly 2012, KatchoAD35 
Achadjian For Assembly 2014, KatchoAD35 
Cunningham For Assembly 2016; JordanAD35 
Cunningham For Assembly 2018; JordanAD35 
Harmon For Assembly 2016; HeidiAD35 
Ostrander For Assembly 2018AD35 
Campbell Campaign 2008, MaggieAD36 
Fox For Assembly - 36th District November 2012, SteveAD36 
Fox For Assembly 2014, SteveAD36 
Fox For Assembly 2016; SteveAD36 
Fox For Assembly 2018; SteveAD36 
Fox For Assembly, SteveAD36 
Knight For AssemblyAD36 
Lackey For Assembly 2012, TomAD36 
Lackey For Assembly 2014AD36 
Lackey For Assembly 2016AD36 
Lackey For Assembly 2018AD36 
Ledford 4 Assembly, JimAD36 
Ledford For Assembly, JimAD36 
Martinez For Assembly 2014AD36 
Smith For Assembly 2012, RonAD36 
Gorell For Assembly 2004, JeffAD37 
Gorell For Assembly, JeffAD37 
Limon For Assembly 2016AD37 
Limon For Assembly 2018AD37 
Masry 2006, Committee To Elect FerialAD37 
Masry, Committee To Elect FerialAD37 
Masry, Friends Of FerialAD37 
Williams For Assembly 2012, DasAD37 
Williams For Assembly 2014, DasAD37 
Acosta For Assembly 2018; DanteAD38 
Headington For Assembly 2012AD38 
Mc Keon For Assembly 2012, PatriciaAD38 
Smith For Assembly 2016; ChristyAD38 
Smith For Assembly 2018; ChristyAD38 
Smyth For Assembly 2008, CameronAD38 
Smyth For Assembly, CameronAD38 
Strickland For 38th Assembly - 2012, Committee To Elect PaulAD38 
Wilk For Assembly 2012, ScottAD38 
Wilk For Assembly 2014AD38 
Wilk For Assembly 2016AD38 
Alarcon 2008, Friends Of RichardAD39 
Alarcon For Assembly 2012AD39 
Alarcon, Friends Of RichardAD39 
Anguiano For Assembly 2018-special; YolieAD39 
Benitez For Assembly 2018 (special Election); RicardoAD39 
Bocanegra For Assembly 2012AD39 
Bocanegra For Assembly 2014AD39 
Bocanegra For Assembly 2016AD39 
Bocanegra For Assembly 2018AD39 
Fuentes For AssemblyAD39 
Fuentes For Assembly 2008AD39 
Fuentes For Central Committee, FelipeAD39 
Fuentes For CouncilAD39 
Fuentes Reform California Ballot Measure Committee, FelipeAD39 
Lopez For Assembly 2016; PattyAD39 
Lopez For Assembly Special Election 2018; PattyAD39 
Lopez, PattyAD39 
Montanez 2004, Families For CindyAD39 
Montanez 2006, Families For CindyAD39 
Montanez For Assembly 2006AD39 
Montanez, Families For CindyAD39 
Rivas For Assembly Special 2018; LuzAD39 
Sanchez For Assembly 2018 - Special Election; AntonioAD39 
Blumenfield For Assembly, BobAD40 
Cook For State Assembly; 2018 LibbernAD40 
Gagnier For Assembly 2016; ChristinaAD40 
Healey For State Assembly, LauretteAD40 
Medina For Assembly 2016; AbigailAD40 
Morrell For Assembly 2012, MikeAD40 
Steinorth For Assembly 2014, MarcAD40 
Steinorth For Assembly 2016; MarcAD40 
Steinorth For Assembly 2018; MarcAD40 
Waldman, Friends Of StuartAD40 
Waldman, Friends Of StuartAD40 
Warner For Assembly 2012AD40 
Brownley For Assembly 2008, JuliaAD41 
Brownley For Assembly, JuliaAD41 
Cacciotti For Assembly 2012AD41 
Holden For Assembly 2012AD41 
Holden For Assembly 2014AD41 
Holden For Assembly 2016AD41 
Holden For Assembly 2018AD41 
Lowe For Assembly 2012, Committee To Elect DonnaAD41 
Rusnak For Assembly 2012AD41 
Feuer For Assembly 2008, MikeAD42 
Feuer For Assembly, MikeAD42 
Hargrove For 42nd Assembly 2014, KaraleeAD42 
Hewitt For Assembly District 42 2016; JeffAD42 
Jeandron For Assembly 2014, GaryAD42 
Jeandron For Assembly 2018AD42 
Mayes For Assembly 2014, ChadAD42 
Mayes For Assembly 2016; ChadAD42 
Mayes For Assembly 2018; ChadAD42 
Nestande For Assembly 2012AD42 
Orozco For Assembly 2012AD42 
Pollock For State Senate 2016; DavidAD42 
Blumenfeld For Assembly 2016; AndrewAD43 
Bullock For Assembly 2016; DennisAD43 
Dalal For Assembly 2016AD43 
Friedman For Assembly 2016, LauraAD43 
Friedman For Assembly 2018; LauraAD43 
Gatto For Assembly 2012, MikeAD43 
Gatto For Assembly 2014, MikeAD43 
Kassakhian For State Assembly 2016, ArdyAD43 
Krekorian 2008, Californians For PaulAD43 
Krekorian For City Council 2009 - GeneralAD43 
Krekorian, Committee To Elect PaulAD43 
Krekorian, Friends Of PaulAD43 
Gorell For Assembly 2012, JeffAD44 
Irwin For Assembly 2016; JacquiAD44 
Irwin For Assembly 2018; JacquiAD44 
Irwin For State Assembly 2014, JacquiAD44 
Mc Coy For Assembly 2014, RobAD44 
Mullens For State Assembly 2012, ThomasAD44 
Portantino 2008, Friends Of AnthonyAD44 
Portantino, Friends Of AnthonyAD44 
Portantino, Moving California Forward A Committee Controlled By AnthonyAD44 
Bishop For Assembly 2018-special; RayAD45 
Blumenfield For Assembly 2012, BobAD45 
Brin, DanielAD45 
Clark For Assembly 2018AD45 
Dababneh For Assembly 2014, MattAD45 
Dababneh For Assembly 2016; MattAD45 
Gabriel For Assembly 2018; JesseAD45 
Patel, AnkurAD45 
Robbins Kasson For Assembly 2018 - Special; TriciaAD45 
Shelley For Assembly 2014, SusanAD45 
Zine For Assembly 2018 Special; Dennis P.AD45 
Healey For Assembly 2012AD46 
Johnson For Assembly 2012, Brian C.AD46 
Lachman For Assembly 2012AD46 
Nazarian For Assembly 2012AD46 
Nazarian For Assembly 2014AD46 
Nazarian For Assembly 2016AD46 
Nazarian For Assembly 2018AD46 
Baca Jr. For Assembly 2012, Friends Of JoeAD47 
Bass For AssemblyAD47 
Bass For Assembly 2006AD47 
Bass For Assembly 2008, KarenAD47 
Bass Officeholder Account - Assembly 2008, Speaker KarenAD47 
Bass Strengthening California Through Leadership Ballot Measure Committee, Speaker KarenAD47 
Brown For Assembly 2012, CherylAD47 
Brown For Assembly 2014, Cheryl R.AD47 
Brown For Assembly 2016, Cheryl R.AD47 
Brown For Assembly 2018; Cheryl R.AD47 
Reyes For Assembly 2016; EloiseAD47 
Reyes For Assembly 2018; EloiseAD47 
Davis For Assembly 2006, MikeAD48 
Davis For Assembly 2008, MikeAD48 
Davis For Assembly, MikeAD48 
Davis For Senate 2009, MikeAD48 
Hernandez For Assembly 2012AD48 
Hernandez For Assembly 2014AD48 
Lara-gardner For Assembly 2014, JoeAD48 
Rubio For Assembly 2016; BlancaAD48 
Rubio For Assembly 2018; BlancaAD48 
Urias For Assembly 2016AD48 
Brink For Assembly 2018; Crimefighter BurtonAD49 
Chau For Assembly 2014, EdAD49 
Chau For Assembly 2016, EdAD49 
Chau For Assembly 2018; EdAD49 
Chau For State Assembly 2012, EdAD49 
Eng For Assembly 2008, MikeAD49 
Eng For Assembly, MikeAD49 
Lin For Assembly 2012, Dr. MatthewAD49 
Bloom For Assembly 2012, RichardAD50 
Bloom For Assembly 2014AD50 
Bloom For Assembly 2016AD50 
Bloom For Assembly 2018AD50 
Butler For Assembly 2012, BetsyAD50 
Lara, Friends Of RicardoAD50 
Osborn Assembly 2012, TorieAD50 
Torgan For State Assembly 2014, BradAD50 
Birnbaum For Assembly 2018AD51 
Carrillo For Assembly 2017; WendyAD51 
Chavez For Assembly 2012AD51 
De Ocampo For Assembly 2018AD51 
Fong For Assembly 2017-special Election; MikeAD51 
Gomez For Assembly 2012, Friends Of JimmyAD51 
Gomez For Assembly 2014, JimmyAD51 
Gomez For Assembly 2016; Friends Of JimmyAD51 
Lopez For Assembly 2012AD51 
Lopez For Assembly 2018; LuisAD51 
Price For Senate 2009AD51 
Price For State AssemblyAD51 
Price, Committee To Re-elect CurrenAD51 
Sandoval For Assembly 2017AD51 
Vargas For Assembly 2018; MarkAD51 
Vela For Assembly 2018; DavidAD51 
Hall For AssemblyAD52 
Hall For City CouncilAD52 
Impact CaliforniaAD52 
Pineda For Assembly 2014, DorothyAD52 
Pineda For Assembly 2016; DorothyAD52 
Rodriguez For Assembly 2013AD52 
Rodriguez For Assembly 2014AD52 
Rodriguez For Assembly 2016AD52 
Rodriguez For Assembly 2018AD52 
Torres For Assembly 2012AD52 
Aldinger, Friends Of JimAD53 
Jang For Assembly 2016; KevinAD53 
Mendoza For Assembly 2014, SandraAD53 
Perez For Assembly 2012, John A.AD53 
Santiago For Assembly 2014, MiguelAD53 
Santiago For Assembly 2016; MiguelAD53 
Santiago For Assembly 2018; MiguelAD53 
Brandt For Assembly, JimAD54 
Dunwoody For Assembly 2018; SteveAD54 
Kamlager For Assembly 2018 - SpecialAD54 
Kamlager For La Community College Board 2020AD54 
Lowenthal For Assembly, BonnieAD54 
Mitchell For Assembly 2012, Holly J.AD54 
Piquado For Assembly 2018AD54 
Piquado For Assembly 2018 - Special ElectionAD54 
Ridley-thomas For Assembly 2014, SebastianAD54 
Ridley-thomas For Assembly 2016; SebastianAD54 
Ridley-thomas For Assembly 2018; SebastianAD54 
Chang For Assembly 2014, Ling-lingAD55 
Chen For Assembly 2014, PhillipAD55 
Chen For Assembly 2018; PhillipAD55 
Furutani For AssemblyAD55 
Furutani For Assembly 2006, WarrenAD55 
Furutani For Assembly 2007 Officeholder CommitteeAD55 
Furutani For Assembly 2008AD55 
Furutani Re-election Committee, WarrenAD55 
Hagman For Assembly 2012AD55 
Richardson For AssemblyAD55 
Richardson For Assembly 2008, Re-electAD55 
Richardson Officeholder Account, LauraAD55 
Richardson Officeholder CommitteeAD55 
Shaw For City Council 2020, Friends Of TimAD55 
Bermudez For AssemblyAD56 
Bermudez For Assembly 2004AD56 
Bermudez For Assembly 2006, Re-elect RudyAD56 
Bermudez For City CouncilAD56 
Bermudez For Senate 2006, RudyAD56 
Bermudez, Friends Of RudyAD56 
Garcia For Assembly 2014, EduardoAD56 
Garcia For Assembly 2016, EduardoAD56 
Garcia For Assembly 2018; EduardoAD56 
Mendoza 2008, Friends Of TonyAD56 
Mendoza For Assembly, TonyAD56 
Mendoza, Friends Of TonyAD56 
One CaliforniaAD56 
Perez For Assembly 2012, ManuelAD56 
Bermudez For Assembly 2012AD57 
Calderon For Assembly 2012, IanAD57 
Calderon For Assembly 2014, IanAD57 
Calderon For Assembly 2016; IanAD57 
Calderon For Assembly 2018; IanAD57 
Hernandez For Assembly, RogerAD57 
Hernandez O.d. Democrat For Assembly 2008, Dr. EdAD57 
Hernandez San Gabriel Valley Public Services Ballot Measure Committee With Major Funding By Doctors Of Optometry And Health Insurance Providers, Senator EdAD57 
Topalian For Assembly 2014AD57 
Altamirano For Assembly 2018, IvanAD58 
Calderon For Assembly 2006, CharlesAD58 
Calderon For Assembly 2008, CharlesAD58 
Calderon For Assembly 2012, TomAD58 
Garcia For Assembly 2012AD58 
Garcia For Assembly 2014AD58 
Garcia For Assembly 2016; CristinaAD58 
Garcia For Assembly 2018; CristinaAD58 
Marquez For Assembly 2012AD58 
Adams Against The Recall, Friends Of AnthonyAD59 
Adams For Assembly 2008AD59 
Adams For Assembly, AnthonyAD59 
Adams For Central Committee, AnthonyAD59 
Akili For Assembly 2012, GregAD59 
Jones-sawyer For Assembly 2012, ReginaldAD59 
Jones-sawyer For Assembly 2014AD59 
Jones-sawyer For Assembly 2016AD59 
Jones-sawyer For Assembly 2018AD59 
Cervantes For Assembly 2018; SabrinaAD60 
Cervantes For State Assembly 2016; SabrinaAD60 
Dick For Assembly, LarryAD60 
Hagman For AssemblyAD60 
Kraft For Assembly 2012AD60 
Linder For Assembly (re-opened) 2014, EricAD60 
Linder For Assembly 2016; EricAD60 
Park For Assembly 2016AD60 
Skipworth For Assembly 2012, StanAD60 
Aranda For Assembly 2016; RudyAD61 
Batey For Assembly 2012AD61 
Medina For Assembly 2012AD61 
Medina For Assembly 2014AD61 
Medina For Assembly 2016AD61 
Medina For Assembly 2018; JoseAD61 
Moors Assemblyman 61st District, Committee To Elect RayAD61 
Soto For Assembly 2006AD61 
Soto For SenateAD61 
Soto For Senate 2002AD61 
Soto, Re-elect NellAD61 
Torres For AssemblyAD61 
Torres For Assembly - 2006, NormaAD61 
Bradford For Assembly 2012, StevenAD62 
Burke For Assembly 2014, AutumnAD62 
Burke For Assembly 2016; AutumnAD62 
Burke For Assembly 2018; AutumnAD62 
Carter 2008, Friends Of Wilmer AminaAD62 
Carter, Friends Of Wilmer AminaAD62 
Donaldson For Assembly 2014, PatriciaAD62 
Gray For Assembly 2014, GloriaAD62 
Morales For State Assembly 2014, EloyAD62 
Emmerson For Assembly 2006, BillAD63 
Emmerson For Assembly 2008, BillAD63 
Emmerson For Assembly, BillAD63 
Emmerson For Senate 2012, Friends Of BillAD63 
Estrada For Assembly 2018; MariaAD63 
Greene, Committee To Elect LynAD63 
Greene, Friends Of LynAD63 
Martinez For Assembly 2012, ElectAD63 
Morrell For State Assembly, MikeAD63 
Morrell For State Senate, MikeAD63 
Rendon For Assembly 2012AD63 
Rendon For Assembly 2014AD63 
Rendon For Assembly 2016AD63 
Rendon For Assembly 2018AD63 
Westwood For AssemblyAD63 
Ali For Assembly 2014, MicahAD64 
Gipson For Assembly 2014AD64 
Gipson For Assembly 2016AD64 
Gipson For Assembly 2018AD64 
Girard, Friends Of RoseAD64 
Hall For Assembly 2012AD64 
Mc Carty For State Assembly District 64, KellyAD64 
Neal For Assembly 2014, SteveAD64 
Nestande For AssemblyAD64 
Pate For Assembly, JohnAD64 
Sanchez, Friends Of AngelAD64 
Walker For Assembly 2014, We Believe In ProphetAD64 
Cook For AssemblyAD65 
Cook For Assembly 2008AD65 
Kim For State Assembly 2014, YoungAD65 
Kim For State Assembly 2016; YoungAD65 
Norby For Assembly 2012AD65 
Quirk-silva For Assembly 2012, SharonAD65 
Quirk-silva For Assembly 2014, SharonAD65 
Quirk-silva For Assembly 2016; SharonAD65 
Quirk-silva For Assembly 2018; SharonAD65 
Wood For AssemblyAD65 
Arnold For Assembly 2018; CaneyAD66 
Hadley For Assembly 2014, DavidAD66 
Hadley For Assembly 2016; DavidAD66 
Huey For Assembly 2012, CraigAD66 
Jeffries For Assembly 2008, KevinAD66 
Mintz For Assembly 2012, NathanAD66 
Muratsuchi For Assembly 2012AD66 
Muratsuchi For Assembly 2014AD66 
Muratsuchi For Assembly 2016AD66 
Muratsuchi For Assembly 2018AD66 
Scotto For Assembly 2018; FrankAD66 
Stodder For Assembly 2014AD66 
Blount For Assembly, SteveAD67 
Carlson For Assembly 2012, KeithAD67 
Dickson For 67th Assembly 2012, KennethAD67 
Lopez For State Assembly 2018; JorgeAD67 
Magee For State Assembly 2012, BobAD67 
Melendez For Assembly 2012, MelissaAD67 
Melendez For Assembly 2014, MelissaAD67 
Melendez For Assembly 2016; MelissaAD67 
Melendez For Assembly 2018; MelissaAD67 
Paule For Assembly 2012, PhilAD67 
Silva For Assembly 2008, JimAD67 
Silva For Supervisor, JimAD67 
Arnold, Friends Of KenAD68 
Choi For Assembly 2018; StevenAD68 
Choi For Mayor 2016, StevenAD68 
Duman For Assembly 2018; MichelleAD68 
Pham For Assembly, LongAD68 
Sidhu For Assembly 2014, HarryAD68 
Sidhu For Assembly 2016, HarryAD68 
Tran For Assembly 2006, VanAD68 
Tran For Assembly 2008, VanAD68 
Tran For City Council, VanAD68 
Tran For Senate 2006, VanAD68 
Tran For Senate 2012, Friends Of VanAD68 
Tran For State Assembly, Friends Of VanAD68 
Tran Officeholder Committee Assembly 2008, VanAD68 
Wagner For Assembly 2012AD68 
Wagner For Assembly 2014AD68 
Daly For Assembly 2012, TomAD69 
Daly For Assembly 2014, TomAD69 
Daly For Assembly 2016; TomAD69 
Daly For Assembly 2018; TomAD69 
Martinez For Assembly 2012, MicheleAD69 
Perez For Assembly 2012, JulioAD69 
Solorio For AssemblyAD69 
Solorio For Assembly 2008AD69 
Goya - 70th Assembly Ca. 2014, JohnAD70 
Lowenthal For Assembly 2014, SujaAD70 
Lowenthal For State Senate 2012, BonnieAD70 
O'donnell For Assembly 2014AD70 
Robson For Assembly 2018AD70 
Blais, Friends Of NeilAD71 
Harrison, MichaelAD71 
Jones For Assembly 2012, BrianAD71 
Jones For Assembly 2014, BrianAD71 
Miller 2008, Friends Of JeffAD71 
Voepel For Assembly 2016AD71 
Voepel For Assembly 2018AD71 
Ackerman For Assembly 2009AD72 
Allen For Assembly 2012, TravisAD72 
Allen For Assembly 2014, Re-elect TravisAD72 
Allen For Assembly 2016; TravisAD72 
Diep For Assembly 2018; TylerAD72 
Duvall For Assembly 2008, MikeAD72 
Duvall For Assemby, MikeAD72 
Edgar For Assembly 2012, TroyAD72 
Haskin For Assembly 2018AD72 
Lowenthal For Assembly 2018; JoshAD72 
Lowenthal, JoshAD72 
Mac Murray For Assembly 2009, JohnAD72 
Mac Murray For Assembly, JohnAD72 
Mac Murray For Assembly, JohnAD72 
Norby For SupervisorAD72 
Pham For Assembly 2012AD72 
Brough State Assembly 2014, BillAD73 
Brough State Assembly 2016; BillAD73 
Brough State Assembly 2018; BillAD73 
Bryson For Assembly 2014, AnnaAD73 
Gabriella For Assembly 2014AD73 
Glaab For Assembly 2014AD73 
Harkey For Assembly 2012AD73 
Harkey For Assembly, DianeAD73 
Harkey For Dana Point City Council, DianeAD73 
Harkey For State Senate, DianeAD73 
Petrilla For Assembly 2014, JesseAD73 
Curry For Assembly 2014AD74 
Daigle For Assembly 2012, LeslieAD74 
Daigle For Ca State Assembly 74th District 2018; KatherineAD74 
Garrick For AssemblyAD74 
Garrick For Assembly 2008AD74 
Harper - 2018; Re-elect Assemblyman MatthewAD74 
Harper Assembly Fund 2014, Friends Of MayorAD74 
Mansoor For Assembly 2012, AllanAD74 
Onofre For State Assembly 2014, KarinaAD74 
Patrascu For Assembly 2014, EmanuelAD74 
Petrie-norris For Assembly 2018AD74 
Carr For California Assembly 2018AD75 
Fletcher For AssemblyAD75 
Fletcher For Assembly 2012AD75 
Geraci For Assembly 2018; AlanAD75 
Waldron For Assembly 2014AD75 
Waldron For Assembly 2016AD75 
Waldron For Assembly 2018AD75 
Waldron For State Assembly 2012AD75 
Boerner Horvath For Assembly 2018; TashaAD76 
Chavez For Assembly 2012, RockyAD76 
Chavez For Assembly 2014, RockyAD76 
Chavez For Assembly 2018; RockyAD76 
Douglas For State Assembly 2012, FarrahAD76 
Graham For Assembly 2016; PhilAD76 
Graham For Assembly 2020; PhilAD76 
Krouse For Assembly 2016; ThomasAD76 
Warren For Assembly 2018; ElizabethAD76 
Anderson 08, Tax Fighters ForAD77 
Anderson, Tax Fighters ForAD77 
Gover For Assembly 2018; SundayAD77 
Maienschein For Assembly 2012AD77 
Maienschein For Assembly 2014AD77 
Maienschein For Assembly 2016AD77 
Maienschein For Assembly 2018AD77 
Steiner For Assembly 2012AD77 
Arabo For AssemblyAD78 
Atkins For State Assembly 2012, ToniAD78 
Atkins For State Assembly 2014, ToniAD78 
Block For State Assembly 2012, Elect MartyAD78 
Block For State Assembly, MartyAD78 
Campbell For State Assembly 2018; MaggieAD78 
Denney To The Assembly - 78th District, Voteralph 2012 Committee To Elect RalphAD78 
Gloria For Assembly 2016; ToddAD78 
Gloria For Assembly 2018; ToddAD78 
Mc Cann For Assembly, JohnAD78 
Ricasa 2008, ArlieAD78 
Ricasa For Assembly, ArlieAD78 
England For Assembly 2012, MaryAD79 
Ramirez For Assembly 2012AD79 
Voorakkara, Assembly 2012; SidAD79 
Washington For Assembly 2012, PatAD79 
Weber For Assembly 2012, Dr.AD79 
Weber For Assembly 2014, Dr.AD79 
Weber For Assembly 2018; Dr.AD79 
Castaneda For Assembly 2014, SteveAD80 
Gonzalez For Assembly 2014, LorenaAD80 
Gonzalez For Assembly 2018; LorenaAD80 
Gonzalez For State Assembly 2016; LorenaAD80 
Hueso For Assembly 2012, Re-elect BenAD80 
Jeandron, Friends Of GaryAD80 
Perez For Assembly, ManuelAD80 
Pettis For Assembly 2008AD80 
Pettis-2002, Committee To Elect GregAD80 
Roach For Assembly 2012AD80 
Watson, Friends Of Lupe RamosAD80 
Bailey - Attorney General 2018; Judge StevenAG 
Becerra For Attorney General 2018AG 
Early For Attorney General 2018; EricAG 
Harris 2014; Re-elect Attorney General KamalaAG 
Harris, Re-elect District Attorney KamalaAG 
Jones For Attorney General 2018; DaveAG 
Salarno For Attorney General 2018; NinaAG 
Wyman For Attorney General 2014AG 
Brown; Yes On Props 1 And 2 A Bipartisan Coalition Of Business Labor Republicans Democrats And GovernorProposition 30:  
Ca Business Pac, Sp0nsored By Ca Chamber Of Commerce (aka Calbuspac)Proposition 25: (Oppose)
California Cannabis Hemp Initiative #15-0050:  
California Federation Of Teachers Cope Prop/ballot Committee:  
California Parents' Rights Coalition - Yes On 73Proposition 73:  
California Voters First, Yes On 11 For Change In Sacramento - A Coalition Of Consumer, Senior, Public Interest, Taxpayer, Community And Business Groups And Leaders. Major Funding Provided By GovernorProposition 11:  
Californians Against Another Costly Energy Scheme - No On 7, Major Funding From Pg&e Corp And Edison Company, A Coalition Of Environmentalists, Renewable Energy Companies, Taxpayers, And LaborProposition 7:  
Californians Against The Statewide Parcel Property Tax, No On 88; No New Taxes Committee, A Project Of The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; Small Business Action Committee PacProposition 88:  
Californians Against Unfair Deals; No On 94, 95, 96, 97, A Coalition Of Tribes For Fair Play, Bay Meadows And Hollywood Park Racetracks, Labor, Taxpayers, Educators, Public Safety OfficialsProposition 94:  
Californians For Clean Energy And Jobs, Sponsored By Environmental Organizations And Business For Clean Energy And JobsProposition 23: (Oppose)
Californians For Energy Independence - Yes On Prop 10, A Coalition Of Renewable Energy And Alternative Fuel CompaniesProposition 10:  
Californians For High Speed Trains-yes On Proposition 1a-a Coalition Of Taxpayer, Business, Environmental And Labor Groups And People From Across California Tired Of Being Stuck In TrafficProposition 1A:  
Californians For ProgressProposition 8:  
Californians For Safe Food, A Coalition Of Public Health And Food Safety Experts, Labor Unions, Consumers, Family Farmers And Veterinarians. No On Proposition 2Proposition 2:  
Campaign For Child Safety 2006Proposition 83:  
Campaign For Teen Safety - Planned Parenthood Affiliates Of CaliforniaProposition 4:  
Citizens For Accountability - No On Prop 11Proposition 11:  
Clean Economy Network No On 23 ActionProposition 23: (Oppose)
Common Cause For Fair Redistricting/ Yes On Prop 11 FundProposition 11:  
Communities United Against Proposition 23 And 26, Sponosred By Ella Baker Center For Human RightsProposition 23: (Oppose)
Credo Victory Fund Against Prop 23 And Texas Oil CompaniesProposition 23: (Oppose)
Drug Policy Action Committee To Tax And Regulate Marijuana - Yes On Prop. 19Proposition 19: (Support)
Early Care And Education For Preschool For AllProposition 82:  
Equality California Issues PacProposition 8:  
F.a.i.r. - Fairness & Accountability In Redistricting Ballot Measure Cmte. With Major Funding From Ca Rep. Party Frank Greinke Friends Of Mimi Walters For Senate 2012 & Sen. Dutton For Supervisor 2014:  
Friends Of Sarah, Yes On Prop 4, The Parental Or Alternative Family Member Notification Law, Major Funding By Don Sebastiani & Jim Holman & Others To Reform Child Protection Laws In CaProposition 4:  
Hope 2012 -- Yes On Prop. 29 -- Californians For A Cancer Cure:  
Human Rights Campaign California Marriage Pac - No On Prop 8Proposition 8:  
Let's Rebuild California - Yes On Props 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, And 1eMultiple:  
Los Angeles County Federation Of Labor, Afl-cio, Yes On 24 And 25:  
National Organization For Marriage California - Yes On 8, Sponsored By National Organization For MarriageProposition 8:  
No On 20, No On Munger - A Coalition Of Entrepreneurs, Working People, Businesses & Community Leaders.:  
No On 22 - Citizens Against Taxpayer Giveaways, Sponsored By Califonria Professional FirefightersProposition 22: (Oppose)
No On 24 - Stop The Jobs Tax, A Coalition Of Taxpayers, Employers, Small Businesses, Educators And High Tech And Biotechnology OrganizationsProposition 24: (Oppose)
No On 30 - Californians For Reforms And Jobs, Not Taxes, A Coalition Of Taxpayers And Small BusinessesProposition 30:  
No On 77 - Californians For Fair RepresentationProposition 77:  
No On 8, Equality For AllProposition 8:  
No On 8, National Center For Lesbian Rights Social Justice FundProposition 8:  
No On 85, A Project Of American Civil Liberties Union Of Northern CaliforniaProposition 85:  
No On Prop 16, Stop The Pg&e Powergrab, Sponsored By Local Power And The Utility Reform NetworkProposition 16: (Oppose)
No On Proposition 10 Californians Against The $10 Billion Lemon Sponsored By The Consumer Federation Of CaliforniaProposition 10:  
No On Proposition 4 - Campaign For Teen Health And Safety, A Project Of American Civil Liberties Union Of Northern CaliforniaProposition 4:  
No On Proposition 8, Campaign For Marriage Equality, A Project Of The American Civil Liberties Union Of Northern CaliforniaProposition 8:  
No On Props 6 & 9, A Committee For Fiscal Responsibility With Teachers, Firefighters, Service Employees And Civil Rights GroupsProposition 6:  
Nonprofits For Preschool, Sponsored By Preschool California, A Project Of Cif Of The San Francisco Foundation - Yes Of Prop. 82Proposition 82:  
Nora Campaign - Yes On 5, Sponsored By Campaign For New Drug Policies And Drug Policy Alliance NetworkProposition 5:  
Nrdc Action Fund California Ballot Measures CommitteeProposition 23: (Oppose)
People Against The Proposition 5 DeceptionProposition 5:  
Physicians Against Proposition 86, Sponsored By Grocery DistributorsProposition 86:  
Protect Children And Families: Vote No On Prop 1d: - Yes On 8Proposition 8:  
Public Safety First - No On Prop. 19, A Project Of California Public Safety FirstProposition 19: (Oppose)
Reclaim California's Future - Yes On Prop. 30Proposition 30:  
Stop Hidden Taxes - No On 25 / Yes On 26, A Coalition Of Taxpayers And EmployersProposition 25: (Oppose)
Stop The Insurance Industry Deception, No On 33, Sponsored By Consumer Watchdog CampaignProposition 17: (Oppose)
Stop The Middle-class Income-tax Hike - No On Prop. 38Proposition 32:, A Coalition Of Taxpayers, Governmental Advocates And Small BusinessesProposition 15: (Oppose)
Task Force California Committee - Sponsored By The National Gay And Lesbian Task Force Foundation/action FundProposition 8:  
Taxpayers Against Protecting Polluters No On Proposition 26Proposition 26: (Oppose)
Tribes For Fair Play, No On 94, 95, 96, And 97Proposition 94: California Marriage AmendmentProposition 8:  
Yes On 11 - Hold Politicians Accountable, A Coalition Of Consumer, Senior, Public Interest, Taxpayer, Community And Business Groups And LeadersProposition 11:  
Yes On 14 - Californians For An Open PrimaryProposition 14: (Support)
Yes On 16 / Californians To Protect Our Right To Vote Major Funding From Pacific Gas & Electric Company And Ca Business Pac, Sponsored By Ca Chamber Of Commerce, A Coalition Of Taxpayers, Busine...Proposition 16: (Support)
Yes On 17-californians For Fair Auto Insurance Rates And Mercury General Corporation And AffiliatesProposition 17: (Support)
Yes On 21, Californians For State Parks And Wildlife Conservation, Sponsored By Conservation And State Parks OrganizationsProposition 21: (Support)
Yes On 22 / Protect Local Services, A Coalition Of Public Safety, Local Government, Transportation, And TaxpayersProposition 22: (Support)
Yes On 23, California Jobs Initiative, A Coalition Of Taxpayers, Employers, Food Producers, Energy, Transportation And Forestry CompaniesProposition 23: (Support)
Yes On 24, The Tax Fairness Act Sponsored By Taxpayers And Public Employee GroupsProposition 24: (Support)
Yes On 25, Citizens For An On-time Budget Sponsored By Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters And Other Public GroupsProposition 25: (Support)
Yes On 37 For Your Right To Know If Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered. Supported By Consumer Advocates, Makers Of Organic Products & California FarmersProposition 37:  
Yes On 40 - Hold Politicians AccountableProposition 20: (Support)
Yes On 6 Committee To Take Back Our Neighborhoods, Generously Supported By Dr. Henry T. Nicolaus, Larry Rasmussen, Senator George Runner And A Coalition Of Law Enforcement Professionals, Crime VictimsProposition 6:  
Yes On 71, Sponsored By Americans For Stem Cell Therapies And Cures:  
Yes On 85Proposition 85:  
Yes On 93, Citizens For Accountability And Legislative ReformProposition 93:  
Yes On Fair, Yes On 27, No On 20--a Coalition Of Entreperneurs, Working People, Businesses, Community Leaders Such As Karen Bass, & Other Concerned Citizens Devoted To Eliminating Bureaucratic Waste..Proposition 27: (Support)
Yes On Prop 9 Proposition 9:  
Yes On Prop. 2-californians For Humane Farms, A Coalition Of The Humane Society Of The Us, Farm Sanctuary, Other Animal Protection Groups, Family Farmers, Veterinarians & Public Health ProfessionalsProposition 2:  
Yes On Prop. 93, A Coalition Of Business, Labor, Teachers, Lawmakers, Public Safety And Assemblymembers De Leon, Nunez, Bass And LieuProposition 93:  
Yes On Proposition 15 - Californians For Fair Elections, A Coalition Of Nurses And Government Reform AdvocatesProposition 15: (Support)
Yes On Proposition 7 - Californians For Solar And Clean Energy - A Coalition Of Climate Scientists, Consumer, Environmental, And Community LeadersProposition 7:  
Yes On Proposition 8, Sponsored By Capitol Resource Family ImpactProposition 8:  
Yes On Proposition 86Proposition 86:  
Yes On Proposition 92, Cas For Improving Community Colleges, A Coalition Of Educators And Community College OrganizationsProposition 92:  
Berryhill For Bd. Of Equalization 2018; TomBOE1 
Conway For Board Of Equalization 2018; ConnieBOE1 
Hallinan For Board Of Equalization 2018BOE1 
Parker For Board Of Equalization 2014BOE1 
Runner For Board Of Equialization 2014, Taxpayers For GeorgeBOE1 
Taxpayers For Gaines For Boe 2018BOE1 
Chang For Board Of Equalization 2018; BarryBOE2 
Cohen For State Board Of Equalization 2018; MaliaBOE2 
Galgiani For State Board Of Equalization 2018BOE2 
Ma For State Board Of Equalization 2014, FionaBOE2 
Bermudez For Board Of Equalization 2018BOE3 
Hilton For Board Of Equalization 2018; JawaneBOE3 
Horton 2014, Board Of Equalization MemberBOE3 
Pak For Board Of Equalization 2018; BenBOE3 
Svonkin For Board Of Equalization 2018BOE3 
Vazquez For State Board Of Equalization 2018BOE3 
Harkey For Board Of Equalization 2014BOE4 
Harkey For Board Of Equalization 2018BOE4 
Perez For Controller 2014, John A.CON 
Yee For Controller 2014, BettyCON 
Yee For Controller 2018; BettyCON 
Allen For Governor 2018; TravisGOV 
Barth For Governor 2018; StasyiGOV 
Blount For Governor 2014GOV 
Bracamontes For Governor 2018GOV 
Bribiesca For California State Governor 2018; Committee To Elect Dr.GOV 
Brown For Governor 2014GOV 
Chiang For Governor 2018; JohnGOV 
Cox For Governor 2018; JohnGOV 
Donnelly For Governor 2014, TimGOV 
Eastin For Governor 2018; DelaineGOV 
Hadley For Governor 2018; DavidGOV 
Kashkari For Governor 2014, NeelGOV 
Kumar For Governor 2018; Committee To Elect Dr.GOV 
Newsom For California Governor 2018GOV 
Sheehan For Governor 2014, CindyGOV 
Tinaj For Governor Committee 2018; KlementGOV 
Villaraigosa For Governor 2018GOV 
Gaines For Insurance Commissioner 2014IC 
Jones For Insurance Commissioner 2014, DaveIC 
Kuo For Insurance Commissioner 2018; PeterIC 
Lara For Insurance Commissioner 2018; RicardoIC 
Lara For Senate 2016IC 
Mahmood For Insurance Commissioner 2018; Dr AsifIC 
Mahmood For Lieutenant Governor 2018; Dr AsifIC 
Krekorian, Friends Of PaulLACC 
Bleich For Lieutenant Governor 2018; JeffLG 
Fennell For Lieutenant Governor 2018; DavidLG 
Hernandez For Lieutenant Governor 2018; EdLG 
Hernandez, Edward P.LG 
Korevaar For Lieutenant Governor 2014, EricLG 
Kounalakis For Lieutenant Governor 2018; EleniLG 
Mc Laughlin For Lieutenant Governor 2018; GayleLG 
Newsom For California Lieutenant Governor 2014LG 
Ortega For Lt Governor 2018; LydiaLG 
Rizzie For California - Lieutenant Governor 2018LG 
Steinberg For Lieutenant Governor 2018LG 
Ashburn 2006 Senate Officeholder AccountOH 
Cooley Officeholder Account, D.a. SteveOH 
Romero Officeholder Account, SenatorOH 
Strickland Officeholder Account, AudraOH 
Adam Smith PacPAC 
Affordable Housing Alliance Political Action CommitteePAC 
Afscme Local 3090 Afscme Political Action CommitteePAC 
Agricultural Council Of California Political Action CommitteePAC 
Alice B. Toklas Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club PacPAC 
Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers California PacPAC 
Alliance Of Local Leaders For Education, Registration And Turnout (a.l.l.e.r.t.) PacPAC 
Alliance To Get California Working Political Action CommitteePAC 
American Federation Of State, County & Municipal Employees - Ca People (afscme Ca People) Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
American Federation Of State, County & Municipal Employees California People Issues PacPAC 
American Federation Of State, County & Municipal Employees Local No. 685 Political Action CommitteePAC 
American Federation Of Teachers Guild, Local 1931 San Diego And Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Colleges Committee On Political Education (aka: Aft Guild, Local 1931 - C.o.p.e)PAC 
Aoa Political Action Committee / Apartment Owners Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
Apartment Association Of Los Angeles Political Action CommitteePAC 
Apartment Association Of Orange County PacPAC 
Asian American Small Business PacPAC 
Associated Builders & Contractors Northern California Chapter Political Action CommitteePAC 
Associated Builders And Contractors Of California PacPAC 
Associated General Contractors Issues Political Action CommitteePAC 
Association For Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs Political Action CommitteePAC 
Association Of California Life And Health Insurance Companies Political Action Committee (aclhic Pac)PAC 
Association Of California School Administrators Issues Political Action Committee (acsa Issues Pac)PAC 
Association Of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Political Action CommitteePAC 
Atlas Political Action CommitteePAC 
Building Industry Association Of San Diego PacPAC 
Building Industry Association Of Southern California PacPAC 
Cal Fire Local 2881 Issues CommitteePAC 
Cal Fire Local 2881 Small Contributor PacPAC 
California 2020PAC 
California Academy Of Eye Physicians And Surgeons Pac Aka Mdeyepac Of CaliforniaPAC 
California Ambulatory Surgery Association PacPAC 
California American Council Of Engineering Companies Issues Fund (ca Acec Issues Fund)PAC 
California American Council Of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee (ca Acec Pac)PAC 
California Apartment Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Assisted Living Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Association For Health Services At Home (cahsah) Political Action Committee (pac)PAC 
California Association Of Community Managers PacPAC 
California Association Of Health Facilities Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Association Of Health Underwriters Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Association Of Marriage And Family Therapists PacPAC 
California Association Of Professional Scientists (caps Pac)PAC 
California Association Of Psychiatric Technicians PacPAC 
California Association Of Realtors Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (impac)PAC 
California Association Of Winegrape Growers State PacPAC 
California Bankers Association State Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Beer & Beverage Distributors Community Affairs FundPAC 
California Beer & Beverage Distributors Issues PacPAC 
California Building Industry Association PacPAC 
California Business Roundtable Issues PacPAC 
California Capitol PacPAC 
California Chamber Of Commerce Political Action Committee, Aka ChamberpacPAC 
California Chiropractic Association PacPAC 
California Contract Cities Association A Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Correctional Peace Officers Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
California Credit Union League Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Dental Association Independent Expenditure PacPAC 
California Dental Association Political Action Committee - Small Contributor (caldpac)PAC 
California Faculty Association Political Issues CommitteePAC 
California Farm Bureau Federation Fund To Protect The Family Farm (farm Pac)PAC 
California Federation Of Teachers CopePAC 
California Financial Service Providers Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Forward Issues Action Fund - Yes On Proposition 2PAC 
California Hospital Association Pac, Sponsored By Ca Association Of Hospitals And Health Systems (cahhs)PAC 
California Hotel & Lodging Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Independent Oil Marketers Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Independent Petroleum Association PacPAC 
California Leadership PacPAC 
California Life Sciences Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Medical Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
California Medical Association Small Contributor CommitteePAC 
California New Car Dealers Association Issues PacPAC 
California Now Issues Pac, A Sponsored Committee For The California Chapter Of The National Organization For Women (california Now)PAC 
California Nurses Association Initiative Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Optometric Pac Aka Cal-opacPAC 
California Orthopaedic Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Professional Association Of Specialty Contractors Issues PacPAC 
California Professional Firefighters Ie PacPAC 
California Professional Firefighters Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee - California Association Of RealtorsPAC 
California Real Estate Political Action Committee (crepac) - California Association Of RealtorsPAC 
California Refuse Recycling Council North PacPAC 
California Restaurant Association Issues Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Seed Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Senior Advocates League PacPAC 
California Senior Advocates League PacPAC 
California Society Of Certified Public Accountants Political Action CommitteePAC 
California State Council Of Laborers Issues PacPAC 
California State Pipe Trades Council Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
California Teachers Association / Issues PacPAC 
California Tow Truck Association Political Action Committee Aka: Ctta Pac FundPAC 
California Tribal Business Alliance Ie PacPAC 
California Tribal Business Alliance Issues PacPAC 
California United Homecare Workers Union Local 4034 Political Action CommitteePAC 
California Water Political Action CommitteePAC 
California-nevada Conference Of Operating Engineers Political Action CommitteePAC 
Californians Allied For A Prosperous Economy, A Coalition Sponsored By Civil Justice Association Of California And The California Motor Car Dealers Association PacPAC 
Californians Allied For Patient Protection Independent Expenditure AccountPAC 
Californians For A Fresh Start, Sponsored By Business And Labor Organizations, A Coalition Of Businesses, Businesspersons, And Working Men And Women To Support Prop. 28PAC 
Californians For Fair Elections, Yes On Proposition 77, With Major Funding From California Business Pac And Sbac - PacPAC 
Californians For Good GovernmentPAC 
Californians For Jobs And A Strong EconomyPAC 
Californians To Protect Chiropractic Patient Rights, Sponsored By California Chiropractic AssociationPAC 
Calpac - California Medical Association PacPAC 
Calrta Pac Initiative Committee, Sponsored By California Retired Teachers AssociationPAC 
Capg Physician Group Pac, Sponsored By CapgPAC 
Center Advocacy Project Issues PacPAC 
Central California Leadership Alliance Independent Expenditure PacPAC 
Central California Pac - StatePAC 
Chamberpac Small Contributor Committee, Sponsored By California Chamber Of CommercePAC 
Chico Chamber Of Commerce Political Action CommitteePAC 
Citizen Power CampaignPAC 
Citizens Anti-crime CommitteePAC 
City Of Alameda Democratic ClubPAC 
Commitee For Effective Government PacPAC 
Committee For Home Ownership, Sponsored By North State Building Industry Assoc.PAC 
Committee For Secure And Fair Elections: Vote SafePAC 
Committee To Protect The Political Rights Of Minorities-candidate Political Action CommitteePAC 
Community College Facility Coalition Issues CommitteePAC 
Community PacPAC 
Consumer Attorneys Of California Initiative Defense Political Action CommitteePAC 
Consumer Attorneys Of California Issues Political Action CommitteePAC 
Consumer Attorneys Of California Political Action CommitteePAC 
Cooperative Of American Physicians Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Cooperative Of American Physicians State Political Action CommitteePAC 
Courage Campaign Issues CommitteePAC 
Create Change, Support Joan Buchanan Independent Expenditure Committee, Sponsored By The California Medical Association PacPAC 
Crime Victims United Independent Expenditure Committee Sponsored By The California Correctional Peace Officers AssociationPAC 
Democratic Attorneys General Association - CaliforniaPAC 
Deputy Sheriffs Association Of Alameda County PacPAC 
District Council Of Iron Workers PacPAC 
Diversity PacPAC 
Doctors For Healthcare Leadership Independent Expenditure Committee, Sponsored By The California Medical Association PacPAC 
Doctors Of Optometry For Better Healthcare Sponsored By The California Optometric Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
Education Leaders For High Standards Independent Expenditure Committee, A Project Of Edvoice, Inc. With Major Funding By The California Tribal Business Alliance Ie PacPAC 
Edvoice For The Kids PacPAC 
Emergency Medical Political Action Committee, Sponsored By California Chapter, American College Of Emergency PhysiciansPAC 
Equality California Political Action CommitteePAC 
Expansion Political Action CommitteePAC 
Faculty Association Of California Community Colleges-pacPAC 
Fairpac Independent Expenditure Committee, Sponsored By The Civil Justice Association Of CaliforniaPAC 
Family Action Pac, ThePAC 
Family For Good Government State PacPAC 
Farmers Employees And Agents Political Action CommitteePAC 
Fedex Corporation Political Action Committee (fec Pac Id #c00068692)PAC 
Firefighters Local 1171 Political Action Committee Sponsored By Santa Clara City Firefighters Local 1171PAC 
Foothill Apartment Association PacPAC 
Fresno Citizens For Good Government Political Action CommitteePAC 
Fresno Police Officers Association Political Action Committee (aka Fresno Poa--pac)PAC 
Fullerton Police Officers Association PacPAC 
Golden State Leadership Fund PacPAC 
Goleta Pac, Sponsored By: Goleta Valley Chamber Of CommercePAC 
Greenbelt Alliance Initiative FundPAC 
Grupe Company Concerned Businessmen Political Action Committee, ThePAC 
Hall, Inspiration And Hope For California (ih For Ca) Ballot Measure Committee Controlled By Senator IsadorePAC 
Harvey Milk Lgbt Democratic Club PacPAC 
Hat PacPAC 
Healthcare Leaders For The Central Valley Independent Expenditure Committee, Sponsored By California Academy Of Eye Physicians & Surgeons And The California Medical Association PacPAC 
High Desert Young Republicans Political Action CommitteePAC 
Independent Expenditure Committee For Jobs And Prosperity, Sponsored By Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber Of Commerce Political Action CommitteePAC 
Independent Insurance Political Action Committee, Sponsored By Independent Insurance Agents And Brokers Of California (iiabcal)PAC 
Inland Empire Young Republicans PacPAC 
Insurance Brokers And Agents Issues Pac (ibaipac), Sponsored By IiabcalPAC 
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local No. 11 Political Action CommitteePAC 
International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Political Action CommitteePAC 
International Federation Of Professional And Technical Engineers- Local 21 Tj Anthony Pac FundPAC 
Johnson & Johnson Political Action CommitteePAC 
La Jobs Pac: Sponsored By Los Angeles Area Chamber Of CommercePAC 
Laborers International Union Of North America Local 1309 PacPAC 
League Of California Cities CitipacPAC 
Lincoln Club Of Fresno CountyPAC 
Lincoln Club Of Orange County Federal PacPAC 
Lincoln Club Of Orange County State Pac, ThePAC 
Local 250-a Transport Workers Union Special FundPAC 
Local 770, United Food And Commercial Workers Political Action CommitteePAC 
Long Beach Area Chamber Of Commerce PacPAC 
Long Beach Police Officers Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Long Beach Police Officers Association PacPAC 
Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association PacPAC 
Los Angeles Casinos Political Action CommitteePAC 
Los Angeles College Guild - StatePAC 
Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs PacPAC 
Los Angeles Police Protective League Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Los Angeles Police Protective League PacPAC 
Marine Clerks Ilwu Local 63- PacPAC 
Mc Donalds California Operators Political Action CommitteePAC 
Million More Voters, Sponsored By The California Labor Federation, Afl-cioPAC 
Mtc Holdings Political Action Committee Dba Ports America Political Action CommitteePAC 
National Association Of Industrial & Office Properties Socal Pac (naiop)PAC 
National Organization For Marriage California PacPAC 
National Tax Limitation Committee State PacPAC 
New Majority California PacPAC 
No New Taxes - A Project Of The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers AssociationPAC 
No On 29 - Californians Against Out-of-control Taxes & Spending. Major Funding By Philip Morris Usa & R.j. Reynolds Tobacco, With A Coalition Of Taxpayers, Small Businesses, Law Enforcement & LaborPAC 
North Bay Labor Council, Afl-cio Committee On Political EducationPAC 
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council Issues PacPAC 
Operating Engineers Local Union 3 District 30 PacPAC 
Operating Engineers Local Union 3 Statewide PacPAC 
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 12 Political FundPAC 
Orange County Business Council Dba Biz PacPAC 
Orange County Employees Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Orange County Healthcare, Education And Neighborhood Leaders PacPAC 
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association Local 3631 PacPAC 
Orange County Property Rights Pac, Sponsored By Apartment Association Of Orange CountyPAC 
Pace Of California School Employees Association - IssuesPAC 
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
Pacific Water Quality Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
Peace Officers Research Association Of California Political Action Committee (porac Pac)PAC 
People's Advocate Political Action CommitteePAC 
Personal Insurance Federation Agents & Employees Small Contributor CommitteePAC 
Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers Association Of America PacPAC 
Placer County Builders Exchange Political Action CommitteePAC 
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action FundPAC 
Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte Political Action CommitteePAC 
Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund PacPAC 
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union No. 447PAC 
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union No. 447 Federal (fed Pac Id # C00320218)PAC 
Plumbers And Pipefitters U.a. Local #246 Cope CommitteePAC 
Political Action Committee Of Irvine Police AssociationPAC 
Professional Engineers In California Government (pecg-pac)PAC 
Property Casualty Insurers Association Of America California Political Action Committee "mpo"PAC 
Protect And California Correctional Peace Officers Association - A Partnership For Child Safety PacPAC 
Rancho Cucamonga Professional Firefighters Association - Iaff Local 2274 PacPAC 
Raytheon California Political Action CommitteePAC 
Region Builders Pac, Sponsored By Region Builders, Inc.PAC 
Riverside Sheriffs Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
S.m.a.r.t. Sheet Metal Workers Local 105 Political Education FundPAC 
Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 Political Action CommitteePAC 
Sacramento Building Trades Political Action CommitteePAC 
Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber Political Action CommitteePAC 
San Diego County Apartment Association PacPAC 
San Francisco Democratic County Central CommitteePAC 
San Francisco Labor Council Labor And Neighbor Independent Expenditure Political Action CommitteePAC 
San Francisco Marin Medical Society Political Action CommitteePAC 
San Francisco Police Officers Association PacPAC 
San Francisco Police Officers Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
San Jose Police Officers' Association PacPAC 
San Mateo County Central Labor Council Committee On Political EducationPAC 
Santa Ana Police Officers Association Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Save Our Services Fund, Sponsored By The League Of California CitiesPAC 
Seiu California State Council Issues CommitteePAC 
Seiu California State Council Political CommitteePAC 
Seiu California State Council Small Contributor CommitteePAC 
Seiu United Healthcare Workers West Political Action CommitteePAC 
Seiu United Long Term Care Workers Local 6434 State PacPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 1000 Candidate PacPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 1000 Issues PacPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 1000, Keeping California Healthy, Safe And StrongPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 1021 Candidate PacPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 1021 Issues PacPAC 
Service Employees International Union Local 521 Independent Expenditure CommitteePAC 
Service Employees International Union United Service Workers West (seiu Usww) Candidate PacPAC 
Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 PacPAC 
Silicon Valley Organization Pac, ThePAC 
Solorio; Prosperity For California, A Ballot Measure Committee Sponsored By JosePAC 
South Bay United Teachers Political Action CommitteePAC 
Standing Committee On Political Education Of The California Labor Federation, Afl-cioPAC 
State Building And Construction Trades Council Of California PacPAC 
Steamfitters Local 342 Political Action CommitteePAC 
Stonewall Democratic Club Of Greater SacramentoPAC 
Strengthening Our Lives Through Education, Community Action And Civic Participation, A Coalition Of Labor Organizations - Candidate PacPAC PacPAC 
Temecula Valley Educators Association Political Action CommitteePAC 
Thoroughbred Owners Of California PacPAC 
Tri-counties Central Labor Council Cope Political Action CommitteePAC 
U.a. Local 38 Cope FundPAC 
Unified Grocers PacPAC 
Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry Action Network PacPAC 
Unite Here Tip State And Local Fund (ny Id# A01199)PAC 
United Association Of The Journeymen And Apprentices Of The Plumbing And Pipefitting Industry, Local #343 PacPAC 
United Educators Of San Francisco Candidate PacPAC 
United Educators Of San Francisco Committee On Political EducationPAC 
United Faculty Of Contra Costa Community College District PacPAC 
United Teachers Los Angeles-political Action Council Of Educators (pace) IssuesPAC 
Urban PacPAC 
West Coast Lumber & Building Material PacPAC 
West Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce Weho Pac (aka Weho Pac)PAC 
Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. Independent Expenditure PacPAC 
Western Growers Association Issues PacPAC 
Western Growers Political Action Committee - CaliforniaPAC 
Western Manufactured Housing Communities Issues Pac Sponsored By Western Manufactured Housing Communities AssociationPAC 
Western United Dairymen Political Action CommitteePAC 
Wine Institute California PacPAC 
Women In LeadershipPAC 
Yes On 29 - Californians For A Cure, Sponsored By The American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association In California, American Heart Association & Cancer Research DoctorsPAC 
Alameda County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Alameda County Republican Party (state)PART 
Butte County Republican PartyPART 
California Democratic PartyPART 
California Republican PartyPART 
California Republican PartyPART 
Coalition For Employee Rights, Yes On Proposition 75, With Major Funding From Sbac-pac And California Republican PartyPART 
Colusa County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Contra Costa Republican Party (state)PART 
Del Norte County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Democratic Central Committee Of MarinPART 
Democratic Central Committee Of Merced County 2006PART 
Democratic Party Of Contra CostaPART 
Democratic Party Of Mendocino County, ThePART 
Democratic Party Of Orange CountyPART 
Democratic Party Of Santa Cruz CountyPART 
Fresno County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Green Party Of CaliforniaPART 
Humboldt County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Humboldt County Republicans (state)PART 
Imperial County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Imperial County Republican Party (state)PART 
Kern County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Kern County Republican Central Committee (state)PART 
Los Angeles County Democratic Party - State Candidate CommitteePART 
Los Angeles County Democratic Party-issues And Advocacy CommitteePART 
Merced County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Merced County Republican PartyPART 
Monterey County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Monterey County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Monterey County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Placer County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Placer County Republican Central Committee (state)PART 
Republican Central Committee Of La County (state)PART 
Republican Central Committee Of San Luis Obispo CountyPART 
Republican Party Of Fresno County (state)PART 
Republican Party Of Orange County (state Account)PART 
Republican Party Of Riverside CountyPART 
Republican Party Of San Diego CountyPART 
Republican Party Of The 36th Assembly District Central CommitteePART 
Riverside County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Sacramento County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Sacramento County Republican PartyPART 
San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee - StatePART 
San Diego County Democratic PartyPART 
San Joaquin County Republican Cc (state)PART 
San Mateo County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
San Mateo County Republican Party (state Acct)PART 
Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee (sbcdcc)PART 
Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee United Democratic CampaignPART 
Santa Clara County Republican PartyPART 
Shasta County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Slo County Democratic PartyPART 
Solano County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Sonoma County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee - StatePART 
Stanislaus Republican Central Committee (state)PART 
Tulare County Republican Central Committee (state Acct.)PART 
Ventura County Democratic Central CommitteePART 
Ventura County Republican PartyPART 
Yolo County Democratic Central Committee State AccountPART 
Yolo County Republican Central CommitteePART 
Yuba County Republican PartyPART 
Baugh For Senate 2012SD01 
Cox - 2004, Taxpayers For DaveSD01 
Cox - Assembly 2002, Taxpayers For DaveSD01 
Cox - Senate 2008, Taxpayers For DaveSD01 
Cox 2008 Officeholder Account, Senator DaveSD01 
Gaines For Senate 2012SD01 
Gaines For Senate 2016SD01 
Evans For Assembly 2006, Friends Of NoreenSD02 
Evans For Assembly 2008, Friends Of Noreen EvansSD02 
Evans For Assembly, Friends Of NoreenSD02 
Evans For State Senate 2014, Friends Of NoreenSD02 
Evans For Supervisor, Friends Of NoreenSD02 
Evans Officeholder Account 2008, Assemblymember NoreenSD02 
Mc Guire For State Senate 2014, MikeSD02 
Mc Guire For State Senate 2018; MikeSD02 
Wiggins For Assembly 2002SD02 
Wiggins For Assembly, PatSD02 
Wiggins, Friends Of PatSD02 
Coppes For Senate 2016SD03 
Deull, Senior Vic CharlesSD03 
Dodd For Assembly 2016; BillSD03 
Leno 2004SD03 
Leno For Assembly 2002, MarkSD03 
Leno For Assembly 2006, MarkSD03 
Leno For Senate 2008, MarkSD03 
Migden 1998, Re-elect Assemblywoman CaroleSD03 
Migden Leadership Committee, CaroleSD03 
Migden Legal Defense And Compliance Fund, CaroleSD03 
Migden, Friends Of CaroleSD03 
Migden, Re-elect Senator CaroleSD03 
Nation For Assembly 2004SD03 
Nation For State Senate, JoeSD03 
Veronese For California Senate District 3, Joe AliotoSD03 
Wolk For Senate 2012SD03 
Yamada For Senate 2016SD03 
Keene For Assembly 2004, RickSD04 
Keene For Assembly 2006, RickSD04 
Keene For Assembly, RickSD04 
La Malfa Committee 2004, Doug, TheSD04 
La Malfa Committee, DougSD04 
La Malfa For State Assembly 2002, DougSD04 
Nielsen - Senate 2014, Taxpayers For JimSD04 
Nielsen - Senate 2018; Taxpayers For JimSD04 
Aghazarian 2004SD05 
Aghazarian 2006SD05 
Aghazarian For AssemblySD05 
Aghazarian For SenateSD05 
Aghazarian, Friends Of GregSD05 
Berryhill For Senate 2012, BillSD05 
Democratic Business PacSD05 
Galgiani For Senate 2012SD05 
Galgiani For Senate 2016SD05 
Ornellas For Senate - 2012SD05 
Thomson 2002, HelenSD05 
Thomson Committee For A Healthy California, HelenSD05 
Thomson For Assembly, HelenSD05 
Wolk For Assembly 2002SD05 
Wolk For Assembly 2004SD05 
Wolk For Assembly 2006SD05 
Wolk For Senate '08SD05 
(steinberg Ballot Measure Committee), Committee For A New EconomySD06 
Anderson To Senate Dist. 6 - 2018; Elect Linda MarieSD06 
Bennett For Senate 2018; AustinSD06 
Cressman For Senate 2018SD06 
Dickinson For Senate 2014, RogerSD06 
Pan For Senate 2014, Dr. RichardSD06 
Pan For Senate 2018; Dr. RichardSD06 
Steinberg For Senate 2006SD06 
Steinberg Leadership Committee, DarrellSD06 
Steinberg, Friends Of DarrellSD06 
Bonilla For Senate 2016, SusanSD07 
Buchanan For Senate 2016SD07 
De Saulnier For Assembly 2006, MarkSD07 
De Saulnier For Senate 2008SD07 
De Saulnier For Senate 2012SD07 
De Saulnier For State Assembly, MarkSD07 
De Saulnier For Supervisor District 4, MarkSD07 
Desaulnier - Assembly 2008, Friends Of MarkSD07 
Desaulnier Assembly 2006 Officeholder Account, MarkSD07 
Desaulnier Office Holder Account, Supervisor MarkSD07 
Glazer For Senate 2016SD07 
Berryhill For Senate 2014, TomSD08 
Borgeas For Senate 2018SD08 
Ma For Senate 2014, FionaSD08 
Miranda For State Senator 8 District, 2018; PaulinaSD08 
Olivier For Senate 2018; ClintSD08 
Pratt For State Senate 2018; TomSD08 
Yee Ballot Measure Committee, One California For All - LelandSD08 
Yee For Assembly 2004, LelandSD08 
Yee For Senate, LelandSD08 
Chan For AssemblySD09 
Chan For State SenateSD09 
Chan For State Senate 2004SD09 
Chan For State Senate 2016; WilmaSD09 
Chan For Supervisor 2006, WilmaSD09 
Chan, Friends Of WilmaSD09 
Hancock For Assembly 2004, LoniSD09 
Hancock For Assembly 2006, LoniSD09 
Hancock For Assembly, LoniSD09 
Hancock For Senate 2008SD09 
Hancock For State Senate 2012, LoniSD09 
Kinney For Senate 2016SD09 
Klehs Committee 2006, TheSD09 
Klehs Committee, JohanSD09 
Klehs Committee, TheSD09 
Klehs For ControllerSD09 
Klehs For SenateSD09 
Skinner For Senate 2016SD09 
Swanson For Senate 2016SD09 
Corbett For Assembly, Friends Of EllenSD10 
Corbett, Friends Of EllenSD10 
Hayashi For Senate 2014, MarySD10 
Kuo For State Senate 2014, PeterSD10 
Wieckowski For Senate 2014, BobSD10 
Wieckowski For Senate 2018; Re-elect SenatorSD10 
Ammiano For State Senate 2016; TomSD11 
Dhillon For State Senate 2012SD11 
Leno For Senate 2012, MarkSD11 
Simitian For State SenateSD11 
Simitian Public Service FundSD11 
Simitian Public Service Fund, TheSD11 
Simitian, Friends OfSD11 
Simitian, Friends OfSD11 
Wiener For State Senate 2016, ScottSD11 
Alejo For Senate 2018; LuisSD12 
Brazil For State Senate 2018, DennisSD12 
Caballero For Senate 2018: AnnaSD12 
Cannella For Senate 2014SD12 
Poythress For Senate 2018SD12 
Tacherra For Senate 2018SD12 
Alquist For Secretary Of State 2014, ElaineSD13 
Alquist For State Senate 2008, ElaineSD13 
Alquist For State Senate, ElaineSD13 
Alquist Senate 2008 Officeholder Account, ElaineSD13 
Alquist, Friends Of ElaineSD13 
Hill For Senate 2012, JerrySD13 
Hill For Senate 2016, JerrySD13 
Lieber For Senate 2012SD13 
Berryhill For AssemblySD14 
Berryhill For Assembly 2008, TomSD14 
Cogdill 2004, Friends Of DaveSD14 
Cogdill For AssemblySD14 
Cogdill, Taxpayers For DaveSD14 
Macareno For State Senate 2018; RubenSD14 
Solis For Senate 2018SD14 
Vidak For Senate 2014SD14 
Vidak For Senate 2018SD14 
Beall For Senate 2012, JimSD15 
Beall For Senate 2016, JimSD15 
Blakeslee For Senate 2012SD15 
Cohn For Assembly 2002, RebeccaSD15 
Cohn For Assembly 2004, RebeccaSD15 
Cohn For Senate, RebeccaSD15 
Cohn For State Assembly, RebeccaSD15 
Cohn, Friends Of RebeccaSD15 
Coto For Senate 2012SD15 
Laird For Senate 2012SD15 
Conway For Senate 2018, ConnieSD16 
Fuller For Senate 2014, JeanSD16 
Grove For Senate 2018SD16 
Parra For Assembly 2006SD16 
Parra For Assembly 2006 Officeholder Account, NicoleSD16 
Parra For Assembly CommitteeSD16 
Parra For Assembly Committee 2004SD16 
Reyes For Assembly, SarahSD16 
Reyes, Friends Of SarahSD16 
Wyman Debt Reduction CommitteeSD16 
Wyman For Assembly Committee, PhilSD16 
Monning For Senate 2012, BillSD17 
Monning For Senate 2016, BillSD17 
Parker For Senate 17 2011, DarrenSD17 
Runner For Senate 2011, SharonSD17 
Fuller For Assembly 2008, JeanSD18 
Fuller For Assembly, JeanSD18 
Hertzberg For Senate 2014SD18 
Hertzberg For Senate 2018SD18 
Maze For AssemblySD18 
Maze For AssemblySD18 
Maze For Assembly 2004SD18 
Maze For Senate 06SD18 
Dantona For State Senate, JimSD19 
Hodge For Senate 2012, JasonSD19 
Jackson 2008, Friends Of Hannah BethSD19 
Jackson For Senate 2012SD19 
Jackson For Senate 2016SD19 
Stoker For Senate 2012, MikeSD19 
Strickland For AssemblySD19 
Strickland For SenateSD19 
Strickland Senate 2012, TonySD19 
Strickland, Committee To Re-elect Assemblyman TonySD19 
Leyva For Senate 2018; Connie M.SD20 
No On 74, 75: Financed By Council President Alex Padilla CommitteeSD20 
Padilla For Senate 2006SD20 
Torres For Senate 2014SD20 
Campbell For State Senate 2016, MaggieSD21 
Ervin For State Senate 2016SD21 
Frommer Assembly Leadership Account 2004SD21 
Frommer For Assembly 2002SD21 
Frommer For Assembly 2004SD21 
Frommer For State Treasurer, DarioSD21 
Frommer, Californians For DarioSD21 
Knight For Assembly 2012, SteveSD21 
Knight For Senate 2016, SteveSD21 
Liu For Assembly 2002, CarolSD21 
Liu For Assembly 2004, CarolSD21 
Liu For Assembly, CarolSD21 
Liu For Senate, CarolSD21 
Parker For Senate 2016; DarrenSD21 
Runner For Senate 2016; SharonSD21 
Committee For Secure And Affordable Health CareSD22 
De Leon Believing In A Better California Ballot Measure Committee, KevinSD22 
De Leon For Assembly 2008, KevinSD22 
De Leon, Friends Of KevinSD22 
Eng For State Senate 2018, MikeSD22 
Hernandez, O.d. Democrat For Senate 2014, Dr. EdSD22 
Nunez 2004, Friends Of FabianSD22 
Nunez 2006, Friends Of FabianSD22 
Rubio For Senate 2018; SusanSD22 
Emmerson For Senate 2012, Reelect BillSD23 
Koretz 2004, Re-elect Assemblyman PaulSD23 
Koretz, Democrats For PaulSD23 
Koretz, Friends Of PaulSD23 
Koretz, Friends Of PaulSD23 
Koretz, Re-elect Assemblyman PaulSD23 
Legal Defense Fund CommitteeSD23 
Levine For Assembly 2004SD23 
Levine For Assembly 2006SD23 
Levine For Assembly, LloydSD23 
Levine, Friends Of LloydSD23 
Morrell For Senate 2014, MikeSD23 
Morrell For Senate 2016, MikeSD23 
Pavley For AssemblySD23 
Pavley For Assembly 2004SD23 
Pavley For SenateSD23 
Pavley For Senate 2008 Officeholder AccountSD23 
Say No To ArnoldSD23 
Choi For State Senate 2018SD24 
De Leon For Senate 2014, KevinSD24 
Durazo Democrat For State Senate 2018; Maria ElenaSD24 
Bradford For Assembly 2009, StevenSD25 
Bradford For Senate, SteveSD25 
Bradford For State Assembly, SteveSD25 
Bradford For The 51st Assembly District 2006, SteveSD25 
Bradford For The 51st Assembly District, SteveSD25 
Dymally 2004, Friends OfSD25 
Dymally 2006, Friends OfSD25 
Dymally For State SenateSD25 
Dymally, Friends OfSD25 
Gatto For Senate 2016; MikeSD25 
Liu For Senate 2012, CarolSD25 
Perez-estolano For Senate 2016; KatherineSD25 
Portantino For Senate 2016, AnthonySD25 
Washington To City Council, Committee To Elect CarlSD25 
Wright Senate 2008, Taxpayers For RodSD25 
Allen For Senate 2018; BenSD26 
Butler For Senate 2014, BetsySD26 
Fluke For State Senate 2014, Stand With SandraSD26 
Howorth For State Senate 2014, AmySD26 
Imbasciani Democrat For Senate 2014, Dr. VitoSD26 
Price For Senate 2014SD26 
Bayliss For Senate 2016; ShawnSD27 
Dantona Jr. For Senate 2016; JimSD27 
Mathews For State Senate 2016; RichardSD27 
Pavley For Senate 2012SD27 
Stern For Senate 2016SD27 
Zink For Senate 2012, ToddSD27 
Garcia For Senate 2014, BonnieSD28 
Lieu For Senate 2014, TedSD28 
Lieu For State Senate 2011, TedSD28 
Lieu Officeholder Account, Assemblymember TedSD28 
Miller To State Senate 2014, Committee To Elect GlennSD28 
Oropeza - 2004, Friends Of JennySD28 
Oropeza 2000, Friends Of JennySD28 
Oropeza For Senate, JennySD28 
Oropeza-2002, Friends Of JennySD28 
Silver For Senate 2018; Friends Of JoySD28 
Stone For State Senate 2014, JeffSD28 
Stone For State Senate 2018; JeffSD28 
Valentine For State Senate 2011, BobSD28 
Chang For Senate 2016SD29 
Daucher For Assembly, LynnSD29 
Daucher For Senate 2006SD29 
Daucher For Senate, LynnSD29 
Daucher, Friends Of LynnSD29 
Hagman For Senate 2016SD29 
Huff 2006, Taxpayers For BobSD29 
Huff 2008, Taxpayers For BobSD29 
Huff For Senate 2012, Taxpayers For BobSD29 
Huff, Taxpayers For BobSD29 
Kang For State Senate 2016SD29 
Mountjoy For Assembly 2002, DennisSD29 
Mountjoy For Assembly 2004, DennisSD29 
Mountjoy For Assembly, DennisSD29 
Mountjoy For Senate 2008, DennisSD29 
Newman For State Senate 2016SD29 
Calderon For Assembly 2004, RonSD30 
Calderon For Assembly 2006SD30 
Calderon For Assembly, Friends Of RonSD30 
Calderon For Senate, RonaldSD30 
Calderon Legal Defense Fund Committee, RonSD30 
Calderon, Friends Of RonSD30 
Mitchell For Senate 2014, Holly J.SD30 
Mitchell For Senate 2018; Holly J.SD30 
Clute For State Senate 2012, SteveSD31 
Cook For Senate 2012SD31 
Dutton 2008 Officeholder Account, Senator BobSD31 
Dutton For Assembly 2004, BobSD31 
Dutton For Assembly 2012, Senator BobSD31 
Dutton For Assembly, BobSD31 
Dutton For Senate, BobSD31 
Dutton For State Senate 2008, BobSD31 
Miller For Senate 2012, JeffSD31 
Roth For State Senate 2012, Fund For A Working Majority To Support General RichardSD31 
Roth Usaf (ret.) For Senate 2012 (reopened), Major General Richard D.SD31 
Roth Usaf (ret.) For Senate 2016, Major General Richard D.SD31 
Guerra For Senate 2014SD32 
Havice For Senate 2014SD32 
Mc Leod 2006, Senate Committee Gloria NegreteSD32 
Mc Leod, Committee To Elect Gloria NegreteSD32 
Mcleod 2004, Committee To Re-elect Gloria NegreteSD32 
Mendoza For Senate 2014SD32 
Mendoza For Senate 2018SD32 
Perez For Senate 2014SD32 
Santana For Senate 2018SD32 
Lara For Assembly 2012SD33 
Sidhu For State Senate - 08, HarrySD33 
Correa Campaign Legal Defense Fund, LouSD34 
Correa For State Assembly 2002, LouSD34 
Correa For State Assembly, LouSD34 
Correa For State Senate, LouSD34 
Kring For Mayor, LucilleSD34 
Nguyen For Senate 2014, JanetSD34 
Nguyen For Senate 2018; JanetSD34 
Pham For State Senate 2014SD34 
Schipske For State Senate 2018; GerrieSD34 
Solorio For Senate 2014, Small Business Owners And Taxpayers For JoseSD34 
Bradford For Senate 2016, StevenSD35 
Furutani For State Senate 2016; WarrenSD35 
Ginny For State SenateSD35 
Hall For Senate 2016SD35 
Wright Senate 2012, Taxpayers For RodSD35 
Bates For Senate 2014, PatSD36 
Bates For Senate 2018; PatSD36 
Bates For Supervisor 2022, PatSD36 
Benoit For Assembly 2006SD37 
Benoit For Senate 2012SD37 
Benoit For State AssemblySD37 
Bogh For Assembly 2000, RussSD37 
Bogh Leadership Committee, RussSD37 
Bogh Riverside County Supervisor Leadership Fund 2014, RussSD37 
Bogh, Citizens To Elect RussSD37 
Bogh, Friends Of RussSD37 
Bogh, Taxpayers For RussSD37 
Moorlach For Senate 2016SD37 
Wagner For Senate 2016, DonSD37 
Walters For Senate 2012, Friends Of MimiSD37 
Anderson Senate 2014, Tax Fighters ForSD38 
Control The BorderSD38 
Jones For Senate 2018SD38 
Kersey For Senate 2018; MarkSD38 
Wyland - Board Of Equalization 2014, Taxpayers ForSD38 
Wyland For Assembly 2004, MarkSD38 
Wyland For Senate, MarkSD38 
Wyland, Friends Of MarkSD38 
Block For State Senate 2012, MartySD39 
Block For State Senate 2016, MartySD39 
Kehoe For State Senate 2008SD39 
Plescia For Senate 2012SD39 
Estrada For Senate 2014, RafaelSD40 
Garcia 2004, Friends Of BonnieSD40 
Garcia 2006, Friends Of BonnieSD40 
Horton For Assembly 2006, ShirleySD40 
Horton For Assembly, ShirleySD40 
Horton, Friends Of ShirleySD40 
Hueso For Senate 2014SD40 
Hueso For Senate 2018SD40 
Salas For State Assembly 2008, MarySD40 
Salas For State Assembly, MarySD40 
Vargas - 02, Committee To Re-elect JuanSD40 
Vargas - 04, Friends Of JuanSD40 
Vargas 2000SD40 
Vargas, Committee To Re-elect JuanSD40 
Cressman For Secretary Of State 2014SOS 
Curtis For Secretary Of State 2014, DavidSOS 
Meuser For Secretary Of State 2018SOS 
Padilla For Secretary Of State 2014SOS 
Padilla For Secretary Of State 2018SOS 
Peterson For Secretary Of State 2014, PeteSOS 
Schnur For Secretary Of State 2014, DanSOS 
Yee For Secretary Of State 2014, LelandSOS 
Association Of California School Administrators Independent Expenditure CommitteeSPI 
Gutierrez State Superintendent 2014, Parents And Teachers To Elect LydiaSPI 
Thurmond For Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2018; TonySPI 
Torlakson For Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2014SPI 
Tuck For State Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2014, MarshallSPI 
Tuck For State Superintendent Of Public Instruction 2018; MarshallSPI 
Chiang For Treasurer 2014, JohnTRE 
Gatto For Treasurer 2018; MikeTRE 
Ma For State Treasurer 2018; FionaTRE 
Viswanathan For Treasurer 2018; VivekTRE